It depends. Prices can vary depending on a number of factors. Excluding the cost of the toilet itself, there are a number of factors that can go into the costs of replacing a toilet.

For example, some toilets have special features that may require more time, knowledge and additional hardware. Another thing to be aware of is the condition of your existing plumbing, such as the valve that connects the toilet to the water supply.

Here is the obvious:

A basic toilet has two connections, and today hi-tech toilets may also have an electrical connection. One connection is to the sewer line and the other is to a water source. The connection to the floor involves an attachment to a flange, and a wax ring. The wax ring is an impervious barrier that prevents leaking. If your toilet is wobbling, it is not properly installed. The water source is under pressure, and if it is leaking, needs to be fixed.

What can impact the costs of replacing a toilet?

Here are a few things that can make an impact.
Does your toilet have special features that may require an electrician, or more in-depth plumbing knowledge?
Will the plumber to haul away your old toilet, or are you?
Are your plumbing components in good condition, or do they need to be replaced?

Each of these will affect how much time a plumber will need to install a new toilet. On average it should take a professional plumber two to three hours.

Here’s what’s involved in installing a toilet:

  • Turning off and disconnecting the water
  • If necessary, repairing the shut-off valve
  • Draining your existing toilet and removing it
  • Inspecting the flange or replacing it with one designed for your new toilet
  • Putting a new wax ring down (this seals the toilet to the drain)
  • Setting your new toilet and tightening the anchors (if required)
  • Connecting the toilet to the water supply using NEW hoses
  • Making sure it works

I want to install a toilet on my own.

About this time you may be saying “This doesn’t sound too complicated. Why don’t I install this toilet myself, or call a DIY friend to help.” A toilet may be a relatively simple project, unless it is a new type of toilet. But an improperly installed toilet can cause floor damage, and a leak can lead to more expensive problems that may result in calling a plumber or contractor. Plan on it taking you longer to install than the time it will take a pro.

How to choose a plumber to replace your toilet.

In a previous article, Licensed vs Unlicensed, we recommended that you choose a plumbing contractor that is licensed and insured. The reason is simple; they are trained and if they make a mistake, you are covered. Ask to see their license and get proof of insurance before you agree to having work done. Also make sure that the work to be performed is under warranty. We are happy to connect you to a licensed and insured plumber.

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