Your home is your most significant investment, and improperly installed plumbing can pose a health risk to your family as well as cause major property damage. That’s why it’s wise to choose a skilled plumbing professional, and the first thing you should do to find a plumber that is competent and financially responsible is to make sure that they are a licensed and bonded plumbing contractor in your state. Ask for documented proof.

Licensed Plumber vs Unlicensed

What is the difference between a licensed and unlicensed plumber? A plumbing license provides legal proof that a plumber has received the education and training required to provide plumbing services in your state. This also means that a plumber must stay current on building codes and laws to remain licensed, and that a plumber is held accountable to the regulatory board that issued the license. A licensed plumber is held to the highest standards, and an unlicensed plumber is not.

Licensed Plumber education

A plumbing professional has invested thousands of hours in education and as an apprentice to learn best practices working on all kinds of plumbing installations, issues and repairs. Licensed plumbers have passed licensing exams, must have liability insurance and passed a criminal background check. There is no guarantee to you that an unlicensed plumber is trained or insured, therefore you are on your own. And this means you could be violating local building codes, setting yourself up for fraud, putting your family at risk, and have limited legal recourse if there is a problem.

In conclusion, a licensed plumber will follow the law, will be bonded and insured, and will be trained to the highest standards. If you want to find a high quality licensed plumber, call us at: 1-877-PLUMBER.

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