As you know, the major benefits of home heat pumps are:

  1. Lower utility bills
  2. Reduced greenhouse gases for the environment

However, a traditional installed heat pump may not suit your budget or the smaller space you’d like to heat. If that’s the case, consider purchasing a window heat pump.

Window heat pumps are the perfect solution for providing heating or cooling to a single room or your shop. Many air conditioners now come with heat pumps, and this may be your best choice as these combination units are much quieter than traditional air conditioning units. In addition, most units feature a thermostat that allows them to operate on the temperature of the room, eliminating an increase in your utility bill.

If you’re wondering, yes – installing a window heat pump is a DIY project if you can install an air conditioner!

Just like its larger cousin, a window heat pump uses environmental heat to cool or heat a room. The unit disperses heat collected by its refrigerant by passing the refrigerant through a series of metal coils. As your heat pump is reliant on the heat in the air, note that it makes sense in frigid climates to purchase a pump with a heating system. When comparing heat pump models, be aware that the colder your climate, the more powerful your pump needs to be. Carefully check to be sure your preferred unit offers sufficient BTUs (more BTUs, more power) for the space you have in mind.

The cost of window heat pumps/air conditioners varies greatly, with a top price of about $2000. It’s possible to purchase a pump for as little as $100, but the less expensive units may not have all the features you need.

We suggest using this options checklist when shopping for your unit:

  1. Thermostat (as mentioned above)
  2. Automatic timer
  3. Auto-restart in the event of a power outage
  4. Filter indicator
  5. Fan speed and air direction control”
  6. Wi-Fi compatibility to control the unit from your phone
  7. Remote control
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