What is Self-fusing Silicon Tape?

Created from cured silicone rubber, silicone tape typically contains a thin layer of silicone gel to make the product self-fusing, which forms a permanent bond around any object where it is applied.

The inclusion of polydimethylsiloxane in the gel, which contains zinc oxide, acts as a UV inhibitor. Thus, the tape is resistant to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, which contributes to the degradation of most ordinary tapes. Silicone tape can also endure moisture, as well as contact with solvents, fuels, acids, and even splashing from soldering. Since the tape is not affected by moisture and will adhere to many different surfaces, it can even be reapplied.
Fast-acting (depending on the specific brand will self-fuse within minutes or a few hours) is capable of sealing a high-pressure leak and permanently holds to a tensile strength of 700 psi

Tape Applications
The uses for self-fusing silicone tape are limited only by your imagination. Versions of silicone tape are used in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields where it performs a wide variety of functions. In clinical settings, it is used to adhere medical equipment to the body, including catheters and prosthetic devices.

It is extensively used in the aviation industry and by the military, as well as in boat rigging. It is also extremely valuable as an electrical tape to bundle cable, as well as to weatherproof, insulate, and seal electrical connections. Silicone tape is essential to have on hand for emergency repairs, including using it to stop leaking pipes, repair a car radiator, O-ring seals, or even serve as a temporary fan belt. Here are a few everyday applications:

Auto & Roadside

  • Emergency Radiator Hose Repair
  • Fan Belt Repair
  • Insulating Battery Terminals

Home & Garden

  • Mending a leak under the kitchen sink
  • Garden Hose & Pipe Repair
  • Fix a leak on a vacuum hose
  • Bind stereo wires to neaten up your stereo cabinet
  • Weatherproofing outdoor electrical connections over the holidays

Professional Contractor Uses

  • Fix leaky PVC pipes on household plumbing and sprinklers
  • Cover foam pipe insulation with silicone tape to create an airtight waterproof protective layer
  • Solar panel installation – It leaves no sticky residue like regular electrical insulation tape
  • Make industrial repairs on commercial pipelines
  • Cover a steam leak on heating pipes

Final Thoughts

Silicone Tape is in use for 1,000’s everyday applications. Let your imagination set your ceiling.
The top-selling Self-fusing Silicone Tapes are X-Treme Tape TPE-X36ZLB, Rescue Tape, Nashua, Outus, Bond it F4, and ATack.

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