Where to Start

Now that winter is over, the most basic plumbing updates to address are issues and damages that your home
sustained throughout the colder months. Whether you are considering addressing the winter issues, or you
have been thinking of upgrading or remodeling, an annual plumbing inspection is the best starting point.

Recommended Updates

The most common issues you should address are:

Annual Home Plumbing Inspection – An experienced plumber can detect even minor issues that will
later lead to extensive repairs.

Identifying and Replacing Burst Pipes – Outdoor and indoor pipes can freeze and crack over the
winter months. This can occur even with pipes inside the walls.

Detecting and Replacing Burst Septic Lines – Septic lines can also freeze, leading to a sewer
backup. If the freezing causes them to crack, your water supply can become contaminated.

Discovering and Changing Damaged Outdoor Drains – Outdoor drain damage is common particularly
if you have drains made of plastic. It is also common if your outdoor drains have not been cleared

Repairing or Replacing an Inside Clogged Drain – If your kitchen or bathroom drains frequently clog
or are slower to drain than usual, it could be because of excess grease, food, or other foreign matter.
Addressing this issue early can avoid a serious blockage in the future.

Maintaining or Restoring Water Heaters and Sump Pumps – Water Heaters and Sump Pumps are
often overworked during colder months. Water Heaters experience the added load of colder water
entering and Sump Pumps deal with snow or higher water tables.

Suggested Upgrades

Spring is also a great time to complete plumbing upgrades including:

Insulating Pipes – Insulated pipes can better retain heat from hot water, thus resisting outside cold
temperature and subsequent pipe freezing.

Modernizing Plumbing Fixtures – Improve the form or function of your sinks, tubs, toilets, or
showers. Spring is a good time to upgrade your fixtures.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling – Bathroom or kitchen remodels both involve intensive plumbing work.
Spring and Summer are the best times to take on remodeling projects.

Repiping Hour Home – If your home is older and has not been repiped in 50 years, it is overdue for a
complete repiping. By doing so, this will eliminate common problems associated with older plumbing
systems such as water pressure issues, leaky pipes, and noisy pipes.

The plumbing industry is also being affected by new and improved technologies. Ask your plumber about
recent technology including tankless water heaters, hot water recirculation, smart irrigation, leak
detectors, and touchless faucets. For more information on recommended updates, suggested upgrades, and
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