Jon Amico

My family owns a 16 unit apartment complex…, and I’m able to fix most minor plumbing problems. But I learned my lesson the hard way by calling the cheapest plumber I could find to clear a complete main line stoppage. That’s not the case anymore. After seeing my fair share of bad plumbers, I only call one source — SoCal Plumbers 911. Their plumbers are much better trained than the average plumber you’ll find.

Marissa K.

I called SoCal Plumbers 911, and they recommended me to Moe Plumbing. Moe replaced my water heater. The plumber asked me a few basic questions and arrived prepared to make the repair. He came and quickly provided us with a new water heater and had the hot water working again in no time. He took a frustrating problem and fixed it with no problem. He was quick and clean and made my whole family happy again.

Mike S.

I had to replace my sewer line and picked Moe, (part of SoCal Plumbers 911 network) after getting several bids. The company provided me many options and helped my wife and I weigh the pros and cons of each. They did a great job with the entire job, including replacing the grass. You could hardly tell they were ever there. A big thank you to the entire team.

Donna S.

Really happy with the service I received. Someone was at my door quickly and took care of the problem. I expected a long and expensive process but it was quick and cost less than I expected. What a pleasure to deal with professionals who really know their job. Now if anything else ever goes wrong with my home’s plumbing, I know who to call.

Mike B.

Our water heater was getting to the age when I knew a replacement was needed. I heard about tankless systems and wanted to find out more. SoCal Plumbers 911 sent someone who must have graduated with honors from Water Heater U! He knew everything about all the different systems, and it turns out my home was a perfect candidate for a tankless hot water heater.

Herbert G.

My restaurant was having a sewer pipe issue that resulted in a terrible smell and sewage backup. I couldn’t open the doors until it was fixed, and every hour I was closed cost a lot of money in lost business. SoCal Plumbers 911 found a plumber that was literally a few blocks from our restaurant. He showed up, solved the problem, and we were able to provide dinner service on our regular schedule. Thanks SoCal!



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