The small problems of life have a way of becoming large ones if they’re ignored. This is true for
the small plumbing issues which are so easy to ignore. Here are some “small problems” that can
cause you big headaches.

Running toilet – Maybe you noticed that the toilet continues to run just a bit. It’s easy to ignore,
but f or minor toilet leaks, your water bill won’t be as drastically high; however, it will be higher
than normal. A moderate toilet leak will generally waste about 6,000 gallons of water per month
and can cost you an additional $70 per month– $1,000 per year in wasted water. It’s an easy
repair for a plumber and both your wallet and the environment will thank you.

Slow drains don’t set off alarm bells, but the build up in drains over a period of time can become
a serious problem. Even more concerning, the slow drains may indicate a lurking problem with
septic systems. Early intervention may prevent a major issue later on.

Shower Shocks – The sudden cold water from the shower may spell a problem with the hot
water heater. Keep the hot water coming with a check of your system.

Pipe leaks – It’s easy to put a bucket under the leaky pipe and figure it will go away, but leaky
pipes are more likely to burst and become a major expense of a flooded house. Getting the leak
checked and repaired may save a sudden surprise.

Gurgles – You should not hear gurgling from your water pipes. If you do, you should take it as
an early warning of what may become a serious problem.

Low pressure – A reduction in water pressure may mean a leak somewhere or a problem with a
water source.

Recognizing the early warning signs of plumbing problems and scheduling a professional
plumber can avoid expensive surprises.

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