With all the recent talk of ‘renewable energy,’ you may be wondering if this is something you should consider for your home. Still, you may not be sure of exactly what renewable energy is, what benefits it has to offer, or how to go about converting, adapting, or supplementing your present heating/power system.

What is renewable energy? Also referred to as ‘green energy’ or ‘clean energy,’ renewable energy refers to power derived from natural sources such as the wind, sun, water, or biomass. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy emits little or no greenhouse gases and reduces your carbon footprint.

How can I heat/power my home with renewable energy? You have several options! It’s best to consult your home heating/plumbing/electric professionals for advice and installation.

Solar Power/Heating
Solar panels installed on your roof will convert the sun’s energy to heat and power your home, with power stored in batteries for use at night. A solar power system will help reduce your reliance on the grid, thereby cutting the cost of your electricity/electric heat. Rather than storing power in batteries, a solar heating system can be designed to heat water stored in cylinders, providing heating and hot water throughout the year. This saves money on fossil fuel heat as well as electric heat.

Air Source Heat Pumps
Heat pumps work by using outside air to provide heat for hot water and home heating. Heat pumps are clean, silent, and environmentally friendly. They can significantly reduce your yearly heating cost.

Wind Energy
Depending on prevailing winds at your location, you might consider a small wind turbine that can be installed on your home or mounted on a pole to reduce the cost of your electric heat.

Biomass Systems
A biomass heating system burns organic materials such as wood pellets or logs to provide heat and hot water. The energy produced is significantly cheaper than electric heat.

What are the advantages of renewable energy? First and foremost, all renewable energy systems will save you money in the long run and reduce or eliminate your reliance on fossil fuels. In addition, renewable energy is an infinite resource and helps clear the air by reducing fossil fuel pollution. Renewable energy is the energy of the future.