You wake up one morning to find those mild fall days you’ve been enjoying have suddenly slipped into uncomfortably cool temperatures. Winter is just around the corner. No problem, you can kick up the thermostat and forget it, right? Not exactly!

Check Your Air Filters
Before using your heating system, be sure to replace or clean the furnace air filters. In addition, it’s crucial to maintain your filters throughout the heating season to keep the furnace heating your home efficiently.

Eliminate Air Leaks
Save yourself from excessive heating bills! Take the time to track down and seal drafty doors and windows with caulk or weather stripping. Leaky heating ducts? Easy to fix with aluminum tape. Don’t waste energy this winter.

For Safety, Test Detectors and Alarms
Be sure to check all carbon monoxide and smoke detectors before initiating your heating system for the winter. Test each device and replace batteries every winter season as a matter of course. It’s recommended that you replace smoke detectors every ten years.

Winterizing and Energy-Saving Tips
Make a quick checklist! Before you adjust that thermostat, move furniture and drapes away from radiators and heat registers. Cover window air conditioning units to prevent cold drafts and consider investing in insulated drapes. As a safety measure, now is an excellent time to have chimneys cleaned and repaired. If you have a fireplace, think about investing in a wood stove insert to save energy.

Schedule an Annual Inspection
Whether your heating system is oil or gas, it should be inspected annually by a trained heating professional. Regular maintenance not only keeps your heat available and running smoothly and also staves off expensive repairs from minor problems that may become significant issues over time. Don’t forget, a professional inspection can help you avoid a costly and uncomfortable mid-winter heating system failure.

Don’t be fooled by the warmer winter temperatures we’ve experienced these last few years. It will get cold enough to use your heating system! If you haven’t yet scheduled an inspection, call your heating company today to make an appointment.

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