The new year is a great time to upgrade and enhance your home with the newest technologies on the market. Here are some ‘smart’ choices for your home water system, kitchen, and bathroom.

Water Monitoring
If you haven’t already done so, consider installing a smart water monitor. It constantly measures your water pressure and automatically turns off your water in the event of a leak, preventing costly water bills and home repairs. Many systems link to your phone and notify you instantly if a leak is detected. The protection and peace of mind these devices offer are priceless.

Kitchen faucets are decidedly next level this year. Wireless, ceiling-mount faucets eliminate workspace clutter, are versatile to use, and give your kitchen a modern, streamlined vibe. If you favor a more traditional faucet, check out a hands-free, voice-activated ‘kitchen assistant’ that will dispense measured amounts of water at your command.

Combining water light, fog, and aromas, the newest freestanding tubs define the ultimate in self-care, luxury, and relaxation. Built-in voice technology allows you to control how your tub fills, heats, and drains. A truly personalized experience.

Install a voice-activated digital control in your shower to regulate your steam, water, light, and music settings. If you prefer, check out a simple, easy-to-change digital control that permits individual settings for water temperature and volume.

Toilets and Bidet Seats
The newest ultra-modern ‘intelligent’ toilets feature every imaginable luxury from warm-water cleansing and warm-air drying to controls for a heated seat, ambient lighting, and music. Another option you might consider is the bidet toilet seat which offers custom presets for a heated seat and warm-water cleansing.

Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets
Complete your smart bathroom upgrade with a new mirror or medicine cabinet. New to the market is a mirror that adjusts light levels with your voice commands, creating the ideal light environment for the task at hand. You may even prefer a roomy medicine cabinet with LED lighting and a charging dock for your electronic devices. Either choice will help elevate your bathroom to the next level.

Don’t forget – enjoy your luxury upgrades, and if you encounter a leaky pipe, a broken water heater or a sewer clog, we’ll connect you to the right plumber at SoCal Plumbers, with the right tools and right training at the right price – right now!

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