Toilets don’t last forever! Even if your old toilet is still functioning, it may not be working efficiently, and replacing it could go a long way toward reducing your water bill. However, efficiency aside, there comes a time when the toilet needs to be replaced to avoid major repairs or a plumbing disaster.

A Leaky Toilet
The first clue that you have a leaky toilet is often an unexplained increase in your water bill. You may not see a puddle on the bathroom floor, but you can be certain the invisible leak is damaging your flooring, subflooring, and even the downstairs ceiling. Replacing the leaky fixture can save you hundreds of dollars.

A Cracked Tank
A cracked tank is a more obvious problem than a leaky toilet as it will cause a puddle on your bathroom floor. Be aware that hairline cracks may not be visible. Have a professional examine your toilet to see if it needs repair or replacement. If the crack is below the water line, you may be able to simply replace the tank, although at that point most people opt to purchase a new toilet.

Visible Scratches
At some point, porcelain will become dull, scratched, and scuffed, making it increasingly difficult to keep clean. You may find yourself scrubbing the toilet more often, and still not being pleased with how it looks. It could be time to consider a new fixture that would give your bathroom an esthetic lift.

Constant Repairs
If you’re spending weekends replacing toilet parts, you may save yourself time and money in the long run by simply buying a new toilet.

Numerous Clogs
All toilets clog occasionally. However, if you find yourself plunging everyday or every other day, or if you always need to flush twice, contact your plumbing professional. If he or she determines that there’s no problem further down the pipeline, your toilet is simply worn out and needs to be replaced.

Toilet Won’t Flush
This is your worst-case scenario. You’ve tried repeated flushing, jiggling the handle, and poking at the inner workings. After your professional rules other plumbing issues, you know there’s no question that it’s time to replace the toilet.

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