Plumbers typically do what is necessary to ensure that water coming into your house goes where it is supposed to go at the required pressure and that wastewater and sewage leave your home and are disposed of effectively. There are parts of the water system in many rooms in your home: kitchen, bathroom, washroom, laundry room, basements, and fixtures both inside and out. There are disposal lines associated with many of these. Many things go wrong – pipes freeze, faucets leak, water heaters leak or fail, sinks crack and drains and pipes clog. Many of these problems can be solved by a homeowner with a few tools and Google links. Replacing a leaky gasket in a sink or clearing simple clogs may not require a plumber. But as many homeowners can tell you, there are specific problems with your plumbing that are best left to a professional plumber.

Drain Cleaning is the most frequent problem most homeowners face. A clogged drain can rapidly become a home emergency when water or sewage ceases to go where it is supposed to when the first aid of do-it-yourself clog remedies fails to remove the clog. The do-it-yourself efforts may work for a mild clog in a drain, but clog or build-up in pipes further on can require the specialized equipment, snakes, and augurs which plumbers employ. In some cases, clogs may require the replacement of a section of pipe.

Additionally, what may appear as a clog in a waste line may be a far more severe problem that a plumber can diagnose and repair. Clogged drains can start as minor inconveniences but escalate quickly to much more considerable repairs,

Hot Water Tanks – This is one part of home plumbing that homeowners should not consider fixing. There are several reasons for this. First, they are connected to open water lines and hold a great deal of water. Any rupture of a pipe runs the risk of spewing water uncontrolled. They are often powered via gas lines which can pose a hazard. The failure of a water heater is usually due to a faulty thermostat, or the heating element is giving out. Both issues require a plumber. A professional plumber should always do the installation of a new water heater.

Leaks – Leaks are the bane of a homeowner’s existence. Often the first warning of a leak is a reduction in water pressure, a pool of water under a pipe, mold, or a stain in a wall or ceiling tile, around the base of tubs, toilets or showers, dish, or clothes washer. Leaks can create significant home damage, and any evidence of a leak should be investigated promptly. Many leaks require replacing fixtures or leaking pipes, which requires the tools and skills of a professional plumber. A plumber can do a water pressure test to assess the existence of a leak and then work to locate and repair the pipe or fixture causing the problem.

Removal or Replacement of Sinks Porcelain sinks present several challenges best left to your plumbing professional. Getting the proper fixture to go with the existing plumbing can be something people think about when it’s too late. Sinks are bulky, heavy, and unwieldy to move around and position precisely correctly. They chip easily, and the slightest damage may render them useless. Connecting water and drainage lines may require some line changes, and securing connections adds another source of challenge.

Toilets – It might be tempting for a do-it-yourselfer to consider replacing a leaky toilet, but many things can go wrong. Toilet installation requires many precise steps, from removing the old wax sealant ring to the perfect placement of the new one. The toilet has to be placed perfectly lined up on the replaced ring. Bolts must be evenly and snugly tightened. Any failure at any step of this process and it’s back to starting over.

This is a job best assigned to a professional plumber who will ensure a problem-free installation.

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