Every type of business is in competition for customers, and plumbing is no exception. Sometimes, that means keeping secrets that, if shared, might reduce the need for their services

Isn’t it about time you knew what professional plumbers already know? We think so. While it might seem odd for a plumber referral service to share this information, we believe that educated, informed customers are the best customers, and are more likely to do business with a company that respects them. We want to earn your trust

Here are five industry truths that might save you time or money when it comes to the plumbing in your home. Don’t tell anyone we told you.

1. Plumbing repair is more do-it-yourself than you might think

Sure, in an emergency or with a big job you’ll want to call in a professional. But for many clogged drains? Simple faucet replacement? A steady drip or leak? You can take care of these issues yourself, and avoid the expense of a house call.


2. A few simple precautions can reduce plumbing problems

Sometimes you’ll have to call a plumber to fix a drain that won’t stay open. Once cleared, a drain strainer, available at any home improvement store, will reduce the chance of a return clog due to hair and other particles that will cling to pipes farther down in the system. Spending 20 bucks now could save hundreds later on.


3. You don’t have to be licensed to call yourself a plumber

Always insist on a licensed plumber. You might assume that plumbing companies would only hire those that are licensed, but that is not always the case. You’ll want a professional taking care of your issue – someone familiar with the latest technology and the products that meet building code regulations. If a repair is executed with substandard materials, and something goes wrong later, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover the damage.


4. Quick plumbing repair tip: The old drive shaft in the garbage disposal trick

Garbage disposals are not something most home handymen try to fix themselves. Of course, plumbers are happy to oblige, but they won’t tell you that a jammed disposal can be fixed with a simple wrench. Just locate the nut at the bottom of the disposal – it’s attached to the drive shaft. All you need to do is turn the nut a couple of times with the wrench, which will loosen whatever is stuck between the disposal blades and the walls.


5. When plumbing services say they’ll arrive between noon-4pm, it might be 5 or 5:30

Often this happens simply because other jobs took longer than anticipated, and that’s understandable (though no less frustrating if you’ve been waiting all day). But sometimes the plumbing company knows that window is a long shot when they offer it; the alternative is saying you can’t make it so the customer calls somebody else. If you want to improve the odds of a plumber showing up on time, don’t call on a Monday unless it is an emergency. Mondays are the busiest day in this business, because of all the do-it-yourself homeowners who tackled a weekend plumbing project and got it wrong.


You’ll also increase the odds of prompt service by hiring a plumber who is already close to your location. At SoCal Plumbers, that’s what we do. Our referral service works with many of the top plumbers and plumbing companies in Southern California. Whatever you need, we’ll find the professional that’s right for the job. Contact us today