Hard water earns its name because of the higher levels of calcium carbonate and magnesium in the water, which is abrasive on your hair, skin, and your plumbing. The higher the levels of calcium and magnesium in your water, the harder your water is, and the more film and buildup you’ll experience in your pipes and hot water heater.

Telltale signs that you may have hard water are your water heater may be exhibiting issues from calcium ions and scale buildup, or your plumbing fixtures may show hardness minerals and frequently clogged pipes. You may also be experiencing a struggle to achieve healthier skin, constantly dealing with unsightly stains in your tub and shower doors, or on your freshly washed clothes.

Benefits Of a Water Softener

  1. Healthier, Softer Skin – Softer water is also gentler water.
  2. Stronger, Shinier Hair – Washing your hair in hard water could be the reason your hair feels brittle and looks dull and damaged. Just like your skin, hard water dries out your hair, and the minerals and ions can make it feel and look damaged.
  3. Clothes Are Softer and Look Cleaner – If soft water can do that much for your skin and hair, imagine what it can do for your clothes! It’s not your laundry detergent. This is one of the effects hard water can have on your clothes too – it can dry out the fabric.
  4. Cleaner Dishes – If you notice streaks, film, or residue on your dishes, this is caused by the calcium and mineral deposits from the hard water left behind once the water dries. You’ll particularly observe them on coffee machines and wine glasses from the tap water if you don’t have a water softener system.
  5. Removes Any Unwanted Tastes from Your Drinking Water – A water softener will help remove what you’d rather not be drinking. Most people prefer the taste of soft water over hard water because it doesn’t taste like minerals, fluoride, chloramine, or chemical additives.
  6. Soft Water Is Easier on Your Pipes and Appliances – Soft water won’t cause scale buildup on your plumbing and appliances. Soft water also reacts more favorably with soap, giving you lots of suds and bacteria-killing power.
  7. Softer Water Saves You Money – Calcium is not a heat conductor. The scale buildup that occurs from hard water is also transpiring in your hot water tank. The more buildup that occurs, the harder your tank must work, causing it to use more energy.

In conclusion, softened water is better for your skin and hair, gives you softer clothes, and better-tasting water. In addition, a water-softening system will improve the life of your plumbing and appliances and save on energy costs.

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