There’s no doubt that an automatic watering system (sprinklers) is a terrific convenience and an advantage in maintaining your lawn and landscaping in peak condition. If you’re thinking of investing in an underground irrigation system, here’s what you should know.

A real time saver
When you add it up, you may be surprised to discover how much time you actually spend watering your lawn, dragging hoses, and moving lawn sprinklers. An automatic system can save you a significant chunk of time each week.

An irrigation system is a convenience for any homeowner, but particularly for those who travel on a regular basis.

Targeted watering
Most systems can be set to water on specific days or intervals ensuring that your plantings receive the optimal amount of moisture. It’s also possible to zone your system to more frequently water the plants that need it most.

Water conservancy
It’s easy to err on the side of ‘more is better’ when you water. The truth is that overwatering can be as damaging to your landscaping as underwatering. You’ll conserve water by directing it only where and when it’s needed.

What if it rains?
Systems either come with, or can be fitted with, rain and moisture sensors, increasing water conservation, reducing your utility costs, and keeping your lawn and plantings healthy.

Is an automatic watering system good for all my plantings?
This type of system is best for lawns and established shrubs. Flower borders, vegetable gardens, and other bedding plants do better with a drip irrigation system that targets the root zones.

Are automatic sprinklers expensive?
The major downside of an underground irrigation system is that it can carry a price tag of between $2000 and $3000 with professional installation. The cost varies depending on the type of soil you have, and the complexity and size of your lawn.

Lawn repair
Another inconvenience is that your lawn will need to be dug up for pipe installation, making the yard unusable for a time and requiring repair to your landscaping. It’s best to install your irrigation system before laying expensive sod or investing in costly landscaping.

Can I install a system myself?
Although DIY kits are available, a properly installed sprinkler system requires complex calculations, including soil identification and creating necessary watering zones. It’s best to leave design and installation to a professional.