“On the contrary, bidets are here to stay. According to a recent report from BRG Building Solutions, bidets are currently a $106 million industry, poised to grow 15% annually through 2021.

What exactly is a bidet? Most Americans are unfamiliar with bidets and how to use them. A traditional bidet is a low, standalone basin with a spray function. Its purpose is to clean your nether regions after using the toilet. Medical experts agree that a bidet is a healthier and more effective personal hygiene method than toilet paper. Quick note–new mothers and hemorrhoid sufferers find bidets to be a godsend for gently cleaning tender areas.

Why are bidets suddenly popular? Fun fact! Bidets (as most travelers know) are standard fixtures in most European and Asian countries. They have been in use in this country since 1710 but were virtually eliminated over time due to bathroom space limitations. The resurgence of bidets in the US is the result of several factors. Bathrooms have expanded in size, emphasizing luxury fixtures. Travelers have encountered bidets in other countries and come to appreciate their benefits. New technology has produced space-saving bidet options. And finally, there’s the toilet paper shortage.

Toilet paper shortage. Unless you were hiding in a cave in Tibet, you probably took part in the rush to stock essentials like canned goods, hand sanitizers, and toilet paper in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Toilet paper became so scarce that many stores limited the number of rolls each customer could purchase. Although the TP shortage has been resolved in most areas, there is speculation that this may not be a one-time occurrence. Regardless, the initial shortage led many Americans to install and fall in love with bidets.

Sustainability. Whether or not you concern yourself with resource sustainability, consider this. Toilet paper shortage aside, Americans typically use 36 billion rolls of toilet paper per year. That’s fifteen million trees, 437 billion gallons of water, and 253,000 tons of bleach to manufacture the paper. It’s clear the world will at some point have to look to a more sustainable option such as bidets.

Ready to shop for a bidet? Here are your options. You no longer need a vast amount of bathroom space for your bidet. With these five options, there’s a bidet to suit everyone.

  1. The Classic Bidet. As previously mentioned, the traditional bidet is a bowl with a spray function. This bidet is best suited to larger bathrooms as it does require extra space. This is the bidet you’ll most often find in international homes and hotels.
  2. The Handheld Bidet. This relatively inexpensive spray nozzle attaches to any modern toilet tank. It’s an excellent choice for seniors who may have difficulty managing toilet paper with arthritic hands.
  3. The Non-electric Bidet Seat. Another affordable choice, this device can (depending on the model) either replace your toilet seat or sit tucked away underneath your existing seat. Completely hands-free, this non-electric bidet seat relies on existing water pressure to create jet streams of water and does not require electricity or batteries to operate.
  4. The Electronic Bidet Seat. This modern bidet can be found in 80% of Japanese homes. Of all the bidets, these seats offer the most in terms of luxury and special features. High-end models provide seat warmers, water pressure and temperature control, and a tushy drying feature. No toilet paper required! Many models are even self-cleaning. It doesn’t get any better than that!
  5. The Bidet / Toilet Combo. Your most expensive option, this single unit is perfect for your bathroom remodel. Sleek and compact, the bidet/toilet combo truly is a complete modern toilet with all the features of a bidet. If you’re all-in experience, this is the perfect choice for you.
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