When you need a plumber most likely YOU NEED A PLUMBER! Choosing new drapes can be researched for weeks; buying a new car be a leisurely stroll dealer to dealer, but when you need a plumber it is very likely to be a situation where you don’t have weeks or even days to consider all your options. But, as in any field, there are good plumbers and not so good plumbers and a bad choice can cost you dearly or leave you with both a mess and a bill worse off than when you started. So, how can you find a good plumber, a reliable, competent, honest and reasonably priced plumber while the water is dripping through the ceiling or the broken pipe spurts water everywhere?

You start with Yelp, the most popular online reputation reporting service. Go to Yelp and enter Find: “Plumbers” Near – your location. Using Los Angeles as a location this search finds 5,663 plumbers. Looking through the lists finds that some serve parts of the area, some can be searched by category (there are 26 categories), and you can request a quote by clicking on a button. Yelp is a great service, and a helpful resource for those situations where you have time to write your problem and wait for a response, but right now the water’s running and time is short.

OK, so you do a Google search on “Los Angeles plumber emergency” and what comes up is a series of sponsored ads and paid listings. In fact, a total of 33 million results are returned in 1.01 seconds. Unfortunately, by the time you’re read through even a few of these listings with reviews your living room ceiling may have fallen in or your basement may have become a swimming pool.

If you’re old enough to remember the Yellow Pages, you go to its online version and search “emergency
plumbers in Los Angeles.” Again, you’re greeted with a set of listings marked “ad,” and you know what
that means. Most listings have only a few reviews and vague descriptions of their services.

The water is still running, the pipe leaking, the septic line clogged, you have a bright idea. When you
have an emergency, you call 911 – They respond immediately, decide what service you need and send it
on its way to you. When you need medical help, you call an ambulance – a service dedicated to finding
and assigning the best and fastest service for your medical emergency. When someone is breaking into
your home you call the police. They assign officers from their network of agencies to intervene quickly.
And, to be sure, no one ever looked up “fire department” when the fireplace decided to spread its
warmth to other rooms.

Great idea you say… and for plumbing emergencies there is SoCal Plumbers 911 – your 911 call for the plumbing emergency. By dialing 877-PLUMBER you are connected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to a live person who will listen to your problem and make sure that help is on the way – now – from a quality plumber nearest to you.

911 for emergencies – police, fire, medical- SoCal911 (877-758-6237) for home plumbing emergencies. Be prepared – write the number down next with the other emergency numbers you keep.

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