Christmas has come around again and with it the impossible challenge of finding the perfect gift to spark
the unexpected delight in the eyes of someone who already has everything. You’ve already done
sweaters, ties, books, headphones, and all the gifts on the magazine lists. So, with just weeks to go until
the big day, what to do? Think plumbing! OK – Maybe it sounds far-fetched, but some plumbing related
gifts can be year-long delights for your loved one. Here are some suggestions that we guarantee are not
on any magazine list:

  1. A natural gas hookup for your grill – Think of the freedom of not rushing to the hardware store
    mid-party when the grill goes cool. Think of the joy of many years of trouble free (and less
    expensive) grilling worry free!! We’ll stake our reputation on this one.
  2. A heated driveway – Think of the dread that greets the winter mornings that start with
    shoveling the driveway or waiting for the plow. This gift will melt the heart of your loved one
    and make your mornings warmer as well.
  3. A home water purification system – Get over a decade of use without replacing even the filter
    for tasty water. Stop bottling up your frustrations with store-bought water, and enjoy great
    tasting water right from your tap.
  4. A natural gas pool heater – Get more use from your pool in those almost but not quite warm
    enough months. Wrap a rubber ducky with a pool heater gift certificate for months of water fun.
  5. Heated floors – A cozy home is the best gift of all – no more cold floors on winter mornings.
  6. Inline hot water heater – Big family? Every member of the family will appreciate the gift of
    endless hot water!
  7. Build a new bathroom – Yes, it is possible and surprisingly affordable! Your family will thank you
    every day of the year. Your home’s value won’t mind either.
  8. Ventless gas fireplace – These attractive units can warm and transform any room in your house.
    Turn that cold living room into a warm gathering space.
  9. Booster for water pressure – Give your entire family a boost with the kind of pressure they
  10. PVC wine rack – A low cost, homemade gift that’s proof of your ingenuity. Cut a length of 4”
    PVC pipe in 12” sections, sand the edges, clean and paint the outside, and connect the pieces
    with Velcro for a wine rack to hold other people’s wine gifts.
  11. Fun in the shower – With an LED showerhead, shine on with this morning brightener. They
    come in a variety of configurations and options.
  12. A flushless toilet kit – For the person who truly has everything, a flushless toilet kit allows a
    flush with a wave of a hand – no germs! Be the master of your fate.

Thinking out of the box for this Christmas can create happiness that lasts for years long after the
sweaters and ties and pressure cookers have moved on. Get creative and think plumbing this